Zoo Remains

A zoo was located in the North Gardens for 43 years from 1917 – 1959. In 1912, former Ballarat citizen, Henry Ben Jahn, left his entire estate, about 10,000 pounds, to the City Council for the purpose of establishing a 'menagerie' in the Botanical Gardens.
Remnants of the animal enclosures, historic concrete structures from the 1940s, are still present the north end of Nursery and Zoo Drive.


POW Memorial

The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial was opened on 6 February, 2004 to recognise and honour the 36,000 Australians who became Prisoners of War during the Wars of the 20th century.
Designed by local sculptor Peter Blizzard, the Memorial is a place of quiet reflection to remember loved ones and to mourn the 8,600 Prisoners of War whose lives were lost in captivity and remain buried on foreign shores.
The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial is located in the South Gardens on the corner of Wendouree Parade and Carlton Street, Ballarat. Free and always open.

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Ballarat Tramway Museum

The Ballarat Tramway Museum preserves the tramway experience that existed on the streets of Ballarat between 1887 and 1971.
The tram depot located at the south end of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, is home to a tramcar collection, a museum display with photographs, videos, tramway memorabilia, trammie stories, souvenirs and book shop.
The Ballarat Tramway Museum also operate the trams that travel along Wendouree Parade most weekends & Victorian School Holidays. Popular with families and visitors to Ballarat, the tram uses authentic methods of operation including conductors in traditional uniform.

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Ballarat Fish Hatchery

The Ballarat Fish Hatchery is the oldest fish hatchery on mainland Australia. Managed by the volunteers of the Ballarat Fish Acclimatisation Society since 1870, the Ballarat Fish Hatchery is a popular place to visit. Located on the Gillies Street side of the South Gardens is open to the public for tours and restocking fish can be purcahsed.

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Lake Wendouree

Situated in the heart of Ballarat, Lake Wendouree is one of Ballarat's most popular attractions.
Lake Wendouree plays host to a wide range of attractions and recreational activities including the six kilometre Steve Moneghetti walking, running and cycling track, rowing, kayaking, sailing, yachting, canoeing, fishing, bird watching and much more.
It's also home to a number of play spaces and excellent picnic and BBQ facilities.

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There are four play spaces on the foreshore of Lake Wendouree. The closest play space to the Botanical Gardens, and the largest, is the Adventure Playground located opposite the South Gardens. Close by is the indigenous themed play space for younger children. Both play spaces are surrounded by BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities.